Novigrad - Mareda village
Novigrad is a tourist resort located on the northwest coast of the Istrian peninsula. This small fishing town is regarded as one of the most romantic places in Istria. Besides swimming and sunbathing in a crystal clear sea, here you can also enjoy the authentic culinary delights, sports, touring historical sites and museums.

Large selection of accommodations, from those in private accommodation in apartments for rent in Novigrad and the surrounding area, as well as small family hotels and top quality hotels with 4 and 5 stars, offer a rich variety of choices and room for every guest. Here there is also one of the best marinas on the Adriatic. Novigrad offers a diverse range of sport activities: tennis, cycling, hiking, diving, surfing, sea sports ecc. 
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Novigrad has developed on the island which was in the 18th century joined to the mainland and still kept its medieval urban structure. In the area of today's Novigrad, there was Roman city of Emona, Emonia, later Neapolis and Civitas Nova. Name “Novigrad” was first mentioned in written records from the year 599. In the period from the 520. untill 1831. it was the seat of the eponymous diocese.

Going through periods of Byzantine, French, German, Venetian, Napoleonic, Austrian and Italian authorities, each left a mark of this ancient city. City walls are from the 13th century reinforced with Renaissance towers. Near by the main town gate is a square tower from the earlier period. City Lodge, the only one in Istria near the sea, was probably built in the 16th century.

We recoment to visit the parish church of St. Mary, St. Maximilian and St. Peligius, wich has retained its Romanesque elements, as well as fragments of an early Christian basilica. Under the church there is a Romanesque crypt, a rare religious items of its kind in Istria. Church of Sv. Agate at the cemetery from the 10th or 11 century, is the triple-apse Romanesque church. Church of Sv. Anton was built during the Gothic and rebuilt in the 17th century.

North from the town, on the peninsula Karpinjan, there are remains of the large estates of the late baroque palace Rigo family. In this region there is also ancient town of Dajla, the bay and theharbor. In the 5th century here was built early Christian basilica, later a Benedictine monastery. In the 19th century monastery has been in the classical complex with a castle and a church. Dajla is one of the few Istrian stancija at the sea.
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