Opatija, the holiday destination with the longest tourist tradition in Croatia is situated only 20 kilometres from Rijeka, the economic and administrative centre of the Kvarner region. Thanks to the rich vegetation and the pleasant climate, Opatija’s tourism has been developed since the end of XIX century, when, in 1884, the first hotel, “Hotel Kvarner”, was constructed. As a result of the construction of many hotels and villas, Opatija has been transformed into a famous vacation centre, and it also became a popular winter vacation resort for the Austrian Hungarian aristocracy.
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Opatija’s fascination as a modern vacation centre, owes much to its manicured parks, to the beautiful and always lit-up, 12 kilometre long, coastal promenade and to the wonderful beaches and the countless fountains, together with the villas and hotels, reminiscent of the “golden period" of this location.

Thanks to the myths and the constant temperatures (in winter averaging 7°C and in summer 21.9 °C); to high pressure and gentle airflows, Opatija always has an ideal, mild, reassuring and recreating climate. Opatija is today above all a popular place for summer vacations thanks to its mild climate, the sea and the mountains which make for a pleasant vacation in every season. Moreover, Opatija is well known as a national and international congress centre (500-800 places), enriched with a selection of 11 indoor swimming pools, wellness programs, casinos, discotheques, summer theatre (free light stage) with 2,000 places, carnival shows, the possibility of short trips into the neighbouring environment.
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