Istria, Islands, Opatija
On the western coast of Istria, Rona apartments accomodates you in the heart of the tourist resorts Barbariga, Červar Porat and Mareda, built for a perfect holiday.
Vicinity of beaches, restaurants, shops, recreation and sport facilities promises a perfect holiday for the entire family.

Istria is a region of picturesque ladscape, rich historical heritage, exquisite culinary tradition, valued for its fine wine and aromatic olive oil.

Istria is a perfect place for family holiday.

On the islands of Cres and Pag, Rona apartments are located in the center of attractive tourist resorts Zaglav and Gajac, perfect to be considered as second home. Vicinity of natural beaches adds value to the feeling of being at home even when away from home.

With its unique beaches, cristal clean sea and a breathtaking undersea world those islands are heavenly place for splendid holidays.

Lamb meat from the Islands, Pag's cheese, lace and griffon vulture are synonyms for these two islands – something that everybody should experience in these authentic locations.

For those who dream of holidays as combination of relax and activity in almoust untouched nature, islands Cres and Pag are a place where the dreams come true.

Opatija with its fascinating architecture, with its carefully cultivated parks and romantic sea side promenade, was and still is a synonym for prestige and elegance.

Emperors and kings, writers and philosophers, famous poets and composers are a part of Opatija's tourist history. Many, even those who visited Opatija only once, became fond and forever valued the city in their hearts.

Opatija is magnificent and modern, and in the same time relaxing and refreshing.