On the islands of Pag and Cres, Rona apartments are located in the center of attractive tourist resort zaglav and gajac, perfect to be consideredas second home. Vicinity of natural beaches adds valueto the feeling of being home even when away from home.

With it's unique beashes, cristal clean sea and breathtaking undersea world those islands are heavenly place for splendid holidays.

Lamb meat from islands, Pag's cheese, lace and griffon volture are synonyms for these two islands - something that everybody should experience in these authentic locations.

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The Island of Cres is, along with the island of Krk, the biggest island in the Adriatic Sea, and it is situated on the northern part of the Kvarner Gulf. In the south of the island, in a place called Osor, there is a drawbridge that connects Cres with the island of Lošinj.

is a hilly island 66 kilometers long and 2 to 12 kilometers wide, the coast is indented and, in the west and south of the island, full of numerous coves in which intimate pebble beaches can be found, perfect for undisturbed enjoyment in the sea and the sun in their pure and intact form.
The northern and eastern parts of the island are circled in sheer and rugged cliffs with tops rising up over 600 meters above the sea level, thus offering a spectacular view across the Kvarner Gulf that will surely be remembered for a long time by the visitors of this unique island. 

The Island of Pag is one of the biggest islands in the Adriatic Sea, and with 270 kilometers of indented coast it has the reputation of the island with the longest coastline on the Adriatic, rich with coves, bays, capes and beaches.

The biggest bay, called "the bay of  Pag", is rounded by 20 kilometers of pebble beaches, and the biggest part of the island is characterized by its "moonlike" rocky landscape with only few trees and intersected by long drystone walls typical of Dalmatian coast. On such an inhospitable terrain grow scarcely some grass, sage and other aromatic herbs which is the basis for nutrition of Pag’s sheep.
Thanks to those aromatic herbs and the sea salt that gets onto them brought by a strong north-eastern wind (called "bura"), the famous Pag cheese and lamb have such a distinctive and unique tastes.